Willem Kolvoort Onderwaterfotografie


26-03-2012 18:05


The special travelling exhibition Beeldschon Water is finished

Information about the project Beeldschoon Water is available from the Natuur en Milieufederatie Drenthe and from Het Drentse Landschap:


The informative book Beeldschoon Water featuring more than 100 photographs from the Drenthe streams is still available in bookstores.
info: www.inboekvorm.nl


26-03-2012 17:45

The book entitled WATERLICHT was published late in 2011 and deals with the extraordinary light in our freshwater.
The book contains over 100 photographs of mysterious underwater landscapes, of the reflections in the watersurface, of oxygen bubbles that look like pearls, of peculiar formations of algae and of wondrous cyan bacteria.
A book full of exciting, mystrious and especially fascinating images wich show that the world under the water surface is truly worth being seen and preserved.

Photography and text: Willem Kolvoort
Introduction: Marten Scheffer

Uitgeverij De Kunst

ISBN 978 94 9119 609 6 

NOW € 15,- !

OER De kracht van kijken

01-03-2012 00:00

In 2008 the book entitled OER De kracht van kijken was published by thieme Art.
This book, which I made together with Martin Kers, a famous Dutch nature and landscape photograher, is much, much more than just a photo collage of nature in the Netherlands.
It distinguishes itself from all previous published photo books through its special artistic design and shows the Dutch natural world, both above and below the water, which everyone can see but which not everyone actually notices. 
Seven well-known authors have phrased their primordial emotions about this very special book in short stories. 

ISBN 978 90 7896 4 March 19
€ 39,95
available in bookstores and from publisher De Kunst